DNCNL Bearings has more than ten years of experience in product development,design and manufacturing.

DNCNL bearings have advanced production and quality testing equipment, superb technology, strict management and perfect service. Every year, we continue to produce and develop new products for customers, and customize various non-standard products. Our products are mainly double row angular contact ball bearings, LR LFR track roller series products, product models are 3200 to 3218, 3300 to 3315, LR200 to LR209, LR5200 to LR5208, LR5301 to LR5308, LFR5200 to LFR5208 track support Heavy wheels, inch deep groove ball bearings, thin-walled deep groove ball bearings. In addition, the inspection center also provides purchasing inspection and ordering services for customers with quality requirements.

DNCNL Bearing Factory is equipped with roundness meter, profiler, BVT, and other testing instruments, and has product development and design capabilities. Our products sell well in domestic and foreign markets and are well received by customers. Our company provides you with a one-stop problem-solving service with a complete range of products, good quality, excellent price and technical assurance.
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Quality Control

DNCNL Bearing focus on high stable quality. We have strictly production checking procedure and advanced test facilities to guarantee high quality.

Innovation is in our blood,from building new facilities to improving processes and collaborating with new partners.We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible by combining the very best manpower,technologies and thinking into a unified whole.

  • Professional workers and production lines
  • Advanced QC Checking Equipment
  • Providing OEM and ODM services
  • Experienced R&D department
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